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My admiration for Dr. Finkelstein rests not only in who she is but in whom she is not.
From the very first, I saw an experienced, sharp and hard- working doctor both able and eager to provide help for my hearing problems.  What I saw soon after was whom she was not.  Dr. Finkelstein is not a technocrat; rather a warm, caring and honest woman whose very personality helps the healing process by providing trust and friendship.

I recommend Dr. Finkelstein to anyone in need of medical care and the warmth which is a rare but necessary part of healing.

David H.  Concert pianist

"Having spent many years as a music performer, I've always turned to Dr. Finkelstein and her expertise as a trusted adviser, who has, over the past 25 years, provided me with the very best audiological care. Recently, Dr. Finkelstein fit me with a set of cushion ear plugs which have been extremely helpful. Go see Dr. Finkelstein ... you will be treated like family!"
-Rob F., Musician, New York, NY

"I had lived with tinnitus and almost non-existent hearing in one ear for years when I made an appointment with Dr. Ellen Finklestein. She said, with disarming modesty, she was not sure she could help me but would try. When I left her office after she fitted me with a hearing aid, I suddenly was back in the world. I had not realized how shut off from it I had become. Since that time she has helped many to whom I have recommended her."
- N.T., New York, NY

Three years ago I was referred to East Side Audiology and Hearing Aids and so met Dr. Finkelstein. By then, hearing loss had started to interfere with my Manhattan lifestyle (hearing at theater, concerts, lectures, dinner etc.). Not hearing and/or hearing incorrectly was frustrating and took away from the enjoyment of the friends I was with and the event.

A thorough exam at East Side Audiology led to a discussion with Dr. Finkelstein about hearing aid options. I chose a Widex aid and the improvement in day to day living as well as socializing was immediate and enduring. Although follow-up for minor issues has been infrequent, staff accommodates the patient with a timely appointment. Dr. Finkelstein and staff take care to ensure that I have optimal hearing capacity. If you are experiencing some change with hearing I highly recommend this service.

-Marilyn D

I've always appreciate the excellent work of Eastside Audiology and always receive the best quality customer service from Dr. Finkelstein and staffs for many years. Their excellent services include setting up appointments, accommodating patients' needs/care and following up communication. Dr. Finkelstein knows her stuff and very knowledgeable with new technologies for her patients, which is why I've always feel I can trust and value her opinions and suggestions. I strongly recommend Eastside Audiology for folks in the New York Metro area who are looking for a great audiologist and excellent services for their hearing needs. 
~Malika E. ~

Hearing loss caused me anxiety.  I was a reluctant adopter of hearing aids, and only after being referred to Dr. Finkelstein was I able to not only cope with, but embrace ( what turned out to be) a life-enhancing change.  I had seen two other audiologists and the meetings left me discouraged.  Dr. Finkelstein was a breath of fresh air:  positive, pragmatic, upbeat and enthusiastic.  It was clear hers was the voice of experience.  But it was also the voice of integrity.  I did not feel as if she was trying to promote a particular product.  Rather, she pursued a careful analysis of my hearing status and after that offered options and suggestions.

Her office is professionally run with a smart, responsive staff.

I have recommended Dr. Finkelstein with pleasure to many.  Her ethos is simply one of excellence and I am so pleased to be in her care. 
-Meg R.

Dear A,
 "I can't thank you enough for sharing your experience with Ellen Finkelstein with Geoff. We have been struggling trying to find a way to improve mom's hearing for several years and it has been made that much more difficult because none of us are near. The stars must have been aligned and Geoff really committed, but without your referral Ellen said she never would have made room for mom at the only time we could take her in for an appointment. What a wonderfully talented and compassionate doctor she is!
As I saw mom being able to hear during her appointment I saw tears in her eyes and the whole way home she said I can't believe I can hear. I'm sure you can relate to these experiences.  Thank you for everything on behalf of my mom and my entire family and have a wonderful holiday!

- Debbie N  Texas

Ellen (hope you don't mind the first name),
"I just have to thank you for the gift you gave mom today…her hearing…her life back. When we got back to her place she couldn't wait to go to the afternoon Christmas party to tell all her friends about her amazing audiologist and she did just that. That animated woman full of laughter had returned and with it peace in my heart. Will be making plans for the next visit shortly and in the meantime I'm getting the TV and phone up and running. Have a wonderful holiday and thank you again!"

- D.N.
PS She kept saying again and again I can't believe I can hear you.

Hi Ellen,
"I wanted to thank you so much for your help and time with my mother and sister today.  I heard from them afterwards and my mom sounded like she had a new lease on life.  That must be wonderful that you can have that kind of effect on people with your work!!
I appreciate that you were able to get them in on such short notice as well.   Sadly.or happily..I may be a patient of yours before long as my hearing is not very good and I make my living as a pianist and composer here in Los Angeles.
Thanks again for everything.  I know it made a big difference. Not only the technology but your care and generosity with your time.  It's a rare thing these days. 

Have a great week and a wonderful holiday season.

- Geoff . A  Los Angeles

"I would just like to thank you Dr. Finkelstein for taking the time to explain my audiology test results with me. I have a rare condition that no other audiologist picked up, and thanks to Eastside Audiology, I pursued this matter, and have finally been diagnosed properly.
I would definitely recommend Eastside Audiology  to anyone needing auditory testing!

- MaryLynn  D.

Dear Dr. Finkelstein,
"I just wanted to thank you here is my gratitude.

From the moment when I stepped into Dr. Finkelstein”s office I didn’t know what to expect. When I first arrived,  I was greeted by Maria who is her receptionist. She made me and my mom very comfortable in the waiting room. Then Dr. F introduced herself to me and her assistant audiologist Stephanie. She invited me into her office where I explained my problem with my increasing hearing loss and she gave me all the time in the world I needed to speak. Dr. Finkelstein then told me about a brand new hearing-aid, and she understood my problem very well. I liked how she explained it so that I would understand.

I went back to her office and she had a hearing-aid model in a box, and she put it in my ear.  Then she asked me “Ned how does that sound?” and I said with happiness, “like freedom!” To end, I’d like to say thank you to Dr.  Finkelstein and Stephanie because if it wasn’t for them I would still hear almost nothing.
I dreamed of improved hearing and the two of them turned that dream into a reality. “Lets hear it for Hearing!!!!

All my best,
- Ned

Dr. Finkelstein,
"So I cried at your office when I put my hearing aids in for the first time, smiled all the way home while wearing them, and am a little teary eyed right now as I listen to their wonderful Zen program. Who would think hearing aids could stir up such emotion? I think, for me, it is the relief. For the last 20 years or so, each day, an enormous amount of my energy would go into trying to "catch up" with others, fumble for words to hide my mistakes due to not hearing correctly, stir up the courage to ask someone to repeat themselves - again, and deal with the fear and anxiety of possibly missing out on hearing vital information. And the subtle isolation hearing loss can bring has been difficult as well. Hearing loss has been a big part of my life. To be free of all of this is a real gift.

I can't thank you and your wonderful staff enough. You guys "get it"; your kindness and compassion reflect that. Today was a day I won't forget."

- Jeannette

"It has been my good fortune to have had Dr. Ellen Finkelstein as my audiologist for a number of years. She is caring, most competent and knowledgeable of the latest technology. She is always available when I am in need of her assistance."
- Martin N., New York, NY
Dear Dr. Finkelstein,
This short note is the least I can do to thank you for changing my life. As your patient for 10+ years, you have always been friendly and professional. But when my hearing started to deteriorate rapidly, not only were you quick to help me find a solution, but you were also compassionate, kind and gentle. Not too many doctors have those qualities but I'm so fortunate that you do. When you referred me to the NYU Cochlear Implant team, you knew you would probably lose me as a hearing aid patient. I can't tell you how much it means to me that you didn't let that alter your decision and instead stood by me through the entire process. Your "checking in on you" emails and encouragement went above and beyond just being my doctor. They really show how much you care and concern for your patients. Thank you so much!!!!

- Jennifer M., Astoria, NY
Dear Angel of Hearing,
I am an actor and voice-over artist and I have been a patient of Dr. Ellen Finkelstein for over 12 years. In my work I am often called upon to do what is called a "Voice-Match". A voice-match is needed when a film is finished and the star is unavailable to come in and clean up, re-record, or replace some of his dialogue. They hire me to come in and listen to the scene, and then exactly match the voice I'm hearing with new dialogue. It requires the sharpest ears possible. Suffice to say given the severity of my hearing loss, without hearing aids and Dr. Finkelstein's invaluable assistance, my career would be over.

When I first came to Dr. Ellen Finkelstein I lived in Manhattan, although my work required me to relocate to Los Angeles 10 years ago. I have still continued to return to her for all my hearing needs. It is not only Dr. Finkelstein's skill as an audiologist, her thoroughness, and ability to clearly and simply explain what's going on with my hearing that has kept me coming back these many years, but also her knowledge of the latest technologies and her relationship with the manufacturers of the hearing instruments she recommends. Any time I've had a problem, or needed an adjustment or repair, Dr. Finkelstein was able to get what I needed as quickly as possible. She's always patient, a pleasure to work with, and I come in for a check up whenever I'm in NYC. I have entrusted family members and friends to Dr. Finkelstein's care knowing they were in the best hands. She has been a godsend to me and my family and I can't recommend her highly enough.

-Andre S., Santa Monica, Ca.
"I cannot express my gratitude for the loving and patient care that Dr. Finkelstein provided to my 80 year old mother who was in need of hearing care, but stubbornly refused to have her hearing checked or consider hearing aids. Dr. Finkelstein spent time explaining the process to my mother, treated her with the dignity and respect she so rarely received from health care professionals and ultimately fitted her with hearing aids that she felt comfortable wearing. As a result, my mother's quality of life was dramatically improved, as was my relationship with her. Dr. Finkelstein understands how isolating hearing loss can be and how difficult it is to accept the problem and brings a normalcy to the process. She is one of a kind."
-Caryn E., New Rochelle, NY
"Dr. Finkelstein started off with a comprehensive audio test conducted in a sound-proof chamber. From the test results, she was able to tailor the performance of the hearing aids to meet my needs. She discussed, in detail, the various hearing aid designs that would work for me. I chose the Behind-the Ear aids instead of the various In-the- Ear versions. I've been very happy with ease of use, ease of battery change and the audio performance. My family has been very pleased with grandpa's improved hearing and I've been very pleased to tune into all that's going on. My wife has been especially pleased that we don't have to blast the sound on the TV. With my typical active use, I found that the original hearing aid was easily dislodged. Dr. Finkelstein came up with a modified plastic tip which locked into the ear and has been a success. I'm impressed with her capabilities and service."
-Herb M., Springfield, NJ
"Dr. Ellen Finkelstein has been my audiologist for approximately three years, during which time I have had the need for hearing aids in both ears. Dr. Finkelstein, in addition to possessing the highest technical skill and the latest scientific equipment to analyze my personal data and make sure that my hearing is always at its optimum, exhibits a caring and understanding attitude that is all too rare in the medical world. She has always taken a personal interest in making sure that my questions are competently answered and that all my audiological needs are attended to promptly and effectively. Dr. Ellen Finkelstein has my highest recommendation."
- Howard S., New York, NY



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